How to Spend New Years in Japan②

Praying and wishing for luck in the upcoming year is not the only thing to do at the temple. There is usually a host of food vendors all lined up with various food, snacks, and treats. Prices usually range from 300 - 500 yen. 

If you've never tried takoyaki, octopus balls, they are a must. It's made of octopus in batter, which are grilled right in front of you. The insides are a bit mushy, and for some fair warning, very hot. Over it, they brush on some takoyaki sauce, and squirt tons of mayonnaise as you can see. The flakes you see on top are katsuobushi (dried fish flakes). 

You can find various chicken and other meat skewers if you're feeling hungry, maybe even a whole fish on a stick. If you have more of a sweet tooth, however, there are plenty of options: cotton candy, crepes, and custard filled treats just to name a few. They had giant sweet potato sticks sprinkled with sugar. 

Seriously, look at how big they are compared to my hand. 

Chocolate bananas and sugar water apples that come in different sizes are fun to eat, but with other sugar water fruits you may get a change to play something like a pinball game beforehand and get to win two for the frice of one!

I love the cute apples and cherries in the shape of Mickey Mouse! A great way to end a day at the temple if you ask me! Enjoy and Happy New Year everyone!

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