The Tokyo Skytree, “the world’s tallest free standing broadcasting tower”, reaches an amazing height of 634m or 2,080 feet. The view, especially when sunny, is just breathtaking. Unlike the Tokyo Tower, 

the Skytree has a mall attached where you can shop for more than just souvenirs as well as an aquarium and planetarium for a whole day’s with of activities for your family, friends, or date. In fact, that whole area is called Skytree Town.

It seems that with all things related Japan, rule number 1 is to go early if you want to miss the crowd. In fact, the first few months after it opened, it was nearly impossible to even get a ticket to go because it was just way too crowded. We met up at around 9 A.M. and went over to line up to buy tickets. Although you can see we did not have to line up too long to get our tickets, by noon when we left (and it was a Wednesday) that entire area was filled up. Even though we did not have to wait long to buy tickets, there was still a fair amount of people at the top and I do not want to imagine what it even is like on a weekend.

Tickets cost 2,060 yen to go up to the first level, the Tembo Deck, which is 350m high. You can take a look down below on the glass floor and get a picture taken over it as well (for a price of course). Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of smog blocking our view, but the view was still amazing. 

There’s a cafe where you could get drinks and a few snacks or desserts. We tried the apple vinegar soda and blueberry vinegar ice cream, and no, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The gift shop is also located on this level, and there’s a cool bedazzled Skytree model that’s worth taking a look at.

The level above, the Tembo Galleria, costs another 1,030 yen to go up to. You can take a winding path up to the highest point which is 450m. There’s another photo opp on this floor, where the picture looks like it was taken from the outside looking in. When you’re done taking all your pictures and are thinking about your next move, you can eat at the sky restaurant back down on the Tembo Deck or go explore the restaurants or cafeteria in the mall outside.

There’s somethings for everyone at the Skytree Town. This past winter, there was an iceskating rink for some fun outdoors. As mentioned above, theres a planetarium and aquarium, too.

 You can find lots souvenir shops in the mall as well as some normal stores if you are in the mood for a shopping spree. There are plenty of fun stores for kids as well. The Rilakkuma store had many exclusive Skytree products which would also make great gifts.

Although it costs quite a bit to go all the way to the top, the Tokyo Skytree is still a great sightseeing destination in Tokyo with enough things to keep you busy for the whole day!

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